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How Your Personal Injury Claim Is Evaluated by Lawyers

How Your Personal Injury Claim Is Evaluated by Lawyers – When you apply for a personal injury claim, the evaluation of the claim depends on two factors. The first is the experience and evaluation of the situation by your PI attorney and the second is the way insurance companies evaluate claims using computer programs, like Colossus.

The initial step in the process of personal injury evaluation is getting the facts and detailed description of the incident from the victim. An injury claim is often a lengthy process; the attorney must evaluate the client’s case to check if it is a good fit for the firm.

The first hurdle here is the legal responsibility. This is because the basis of a personal injury case is that the actions of another individual/entity caused harm to the victim. Acceptance of this fact, therefore, is to accept the legal responsibility.

When legal responsibility has been analyzed and assigned, the next step in the process is the determination of legal damages. This requires an assessment of the actual damage caused to the victim.

A situation may sometimes occur where a victim suffers severe damages and no one is available to accept legal responsibility. In such a situation, the attorney must evaluate the damages carefully and decide whether to accept the case or not, as the type of PI claims that different firms handle, vary from one another.

Finally, the attorney takes into account the insurance coverage available to pay the damages. Normally, law firms do not take cases if the victim doesn’t hold insurance that can cover their claim. There are also other torts that are not covered in an insurance policy, for example, intentional assault. In other situations, there are often circumstances when the liability is crystal clear, but the damages cannot be paid out because the responsible people don’t have insurance. In McDonough, Georgia, it can be very difficult to collect claims from those who do not have an insurance policy.

Also, note that the presence of an attorney is only required in cases where the injuries are serious, but it is best to seek professional help from day one. At Minnifield Law Group LLC, we often receive calls where individuals have tried to handle cases on their own, but later found out that they are in over their heads. Most of the time, these individuals have already made a blunder and made their position weaker in court accordingly, because although the insurance companies accept liability, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be fair. For professional legal representation and fair compensation, give us a call immediately after your accident and we will handle it the right way.

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